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Deoscalf : Bad Hair/body smell becomes instantly refreshed with this foul hair odor eater. Made by French perfumer from Charabot, France, refined and fragrant scents delicately infuse for a long time. As the volatile mist dries quickly in seconds, it leaves the scalp and hair soft and moisture-less, adding a fresh felling.

Applying the technology of a DIGITAL PERFUME, it does not only leave the top of head smelling fresh, but the refined and fragrant scent is delicately saturated for a long time.

Could also be used for eliminating smoke/cigar smell, strong food odor, and any foul bodily odor

5 Different Fragrances:

  • Kiss Me~ <Refreshingly spreading cool scent>
  • Marry Me~ <Citrus, floral scent>
  • Hug Me~ <Soft and rich powdery floral scent>
  • Cherish Me~ <Sweet, fruity scent>
  • For men: Adore Me~ <Citrus, floral musky, marine scent>

Direction:  Spray the product evenly 4-8” away from skin. Spray as much as needed any time during the day.

Contents:  Net. Wt. 1.35 oz. (40ml)


  1. 1.       When any of the following symptoms appear during use you must STOP and consult a physician immediately before it worsens.
    1. a.       When redness, swelling, itch, irritation and/or any abnormality present.
    2. b.      The applied area shows above mentioned symptom(s) due to exposure from the sun
    3. c.       When in contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water.
    4. 2.       Avoid use in areas with scar, eczema and/or dermatitis.
    5. 3.       Shake the product up and down before use.
    6. 4.       Do NOT spray on the same area more than 3 seconds.
    7. 5.       Do NOT inhale the emitted gas.
    8. 6.       Use within the distance indicated in the accompanied direction.
    9. 7.       Avoid spraying near eyes or mucous membrane.
    10. 8.       Caution when in storing and handling:
      1. a.       Cover lid after each use.
      2. b.      Keep out of reach of children.
      3. c.       Do NOT store above room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight.
      4. d.      Since this spray is combustible and uses highly pressured (LPG) gas safe for humans, fire and burns MUST be avoided at all cause by observing the condition(s) as follows.
  • Do Not Spray towards any open flames.
  • Do NOT use near any of the heating appliances.
  • Do NOT use near firearms.
  • Do NOT store at temperatures above 104°F (40°C).
  • If used in closed space, ventilate after use.
  • Do NOT throw in fire.
  • Discard product when the gas is completely exhausted.
  • Do NOT store in closed space.
  • Do NOT use while smoking.
  • Do NOT repeatedly use for excessive amount of time.


“Warning” Prop. 65 CA Residents


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Kiss Me, Marry Me, Hug Me, Cherish Me, Adore Me