HEY SEEreal Hair Dye Bleach – 90ml


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Smooth and Easy Self-Bleaching

Formulated with Keratin and Natural Oil


About the product
Hair Bleaching Kit For Hair Dye Bleach
Five Super Grain Sinilar to Hair Protein Will Give your Hair Rich and Sharp Color (Rice, Corn, Bean, Adlay, Weat)
Formulate with Keratin and Natural Oils
No Ammoia No Stickiness / Comfy and Easy Self Dyeing without Irritation.


How to use

1. Before use : Always do a strain test first. Prepare mixing bowl, comb and suitable gloves.

2. To apply :Hair should be dry and under washed. Thoroughly mix
#1 Powder and #2 Lotion referring to the mixing ratio below
Evenly apply the mixture to hair you wish bleach.
Be careful not to contact the mixture with the skin during application.

3. While Developing : Wait for 20 minutes or longer to process according to the hair structure and pigment.
At room temperature, 20 minutes is the average time to Hey SEEreal Hair Bleach to process.
Do not over-Bleach

4. To remove : Shampoo Hair thoroughly with likewarm water, away from face. Repeat if necessary.


Mixing Ratio : 1 Pouch (#1) + 1.01oz / 30ml (#2) or 2 Pouch (#1) + 2.02 oz / 60ml (#2).

  • Warnings: Do a patch test before using dye on your hair. Here’s how: Rub a tiny bit of the dye on the inside of your elbow or behind your ear. Leave it there for two days. If you get a rash, don’t use the dye on your hair. You should do the test each time you dye your hair. (Salons should also do the patch test before dyeing your hair.)