eZn Touch Vegan Permanent Hair Color


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eZn Touch Vegan Permanent Hair Color,

Made only from vegan ingredients, Ammonia Free, No THB, No Triclosan, No Phthalates, No Gluten

100% Gray Coverage.



How to use.

1. Put on the shoulder gown and gloves.
2. Squeeze in all of the #1 colorants into the #2 developer container.
3. Shake the bottle thoroughly for #1 and #2 agents to mix well.
4. (Hair Coloring) Use the sharp end of the cap to part the hair. Start coloring the areas with the most gray hair and work through the rest of the area.
5. Gently massage the hair using fingers to make sure the dye covers all corners and roots of the hair.
6. Take the remaining dye and re-apply around the hair lines such as forehead and sideburns. Then massage using fingers for a thorough finish.
7. After the application, leave the dye on for 30 minutes
8. Rinse your hair in luke-warm water until the water runs clear, then finish by using the ‘eZn Dr. Bond No.7 Oil Shampoo’ to cleanse your hair, and you are finished!


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Natural Black, Ash Black, Choco Brown, Rose Brown, Lavender Brown, Ash Brown