Dongsung Seven Eight Hair Color Cream 2.11 oz (60g)


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EZN Odorless Hair Color Cream 60g


  • Covers gray hair in JUST 7~8 MINUTES.
  • Helps to improve the brilliance of damaged hair.
  • Complete elimination of ammonia smell.
  • Economical (Use only the amount needed)


* Quantity: 2.11 oz (60g) each – colorant & oxidation cream





* Color Selection:

#4 Natural Chestnut

#5 Dark Chestnut

#6 Dark Brown

#7 Natural Black Brown

#4.5 Natural Black Brown

#4.63 Light Orange Brown

#5.4 Dark Purplish Brown.


* Directions:
Evenly mix the same ratio of colorant and oxidation cream into a non-metallic bowl.  Then, divide hair evenly into sections with the included comb.  Apply the mixture to where the hair is most gray (usually at the roots).  Repeat until all gray hair is covered.  Brush evenly for the color to seep through.  Once finished, wait 7~8 minutes for the color to process and shampoo when the desired color is obtained.  Rinse out completely.





  • Warnings: Do a patch test before using dye on your hair. Here’s how: Rub a tiny bit of the dye on the inside of your elbow or behind your ear. Leave it there for two days. If you get a rash, don’t use the dye on your hair. You should do the test each time you dye your hair. (Salons should also do the patch test before dyeing your hair.)

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#4 Natural Chestnut, #5 Dark Chestnut, #6 Dark Brown, #7 Natural Black Brown, #4.5 Golden Brown, #4.63 Light Orange Brown