Dong Sung Rannce Cream

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Best Brightening Cream for All Skin Types [KFDA Approved]!
Natural skin brightening agents, a-Bisabolol & Kojic Acid, are well known for
their Anti-Tyrosinase activity.

“Use after 10PM for the BEST Result~”

 Perfect melanin care brightening cream with a-bisabolol,
helping to even out melasma, freckle and blemish
 Moisturize and nourish dry skin, helping skin to maintain
balanced hydration and nourishment levels
 Contains bee venom extracts, making skin brighter and clear
 Synergistic effect on brightening skin if used with professional skincare


[Contents] 2.46 oz / 70 g
[Direction] At the last stage of basic skincare regimen, take appropriate amount
and gently smooth over face and neck.
[Active Ingredients] a-Bisabolol, Bee Venom (aka. Toxin), Placental Extract
Kojic Acid


  <Proper use maximizes the effect of the product>
 • Peeling gel usage along with the cream will help to stimulate the effect
by removing impurities and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
 • Always use sunscreen to prevent formation of new melanin deposit.
 • Everyday use recommended at least for a month – One full skin regenerate
cycle (approx. 28 days) is required in order to eliminate pre-deposited
epidermal/dermal melanin.



“Warning” Prop. 65 CA Residents